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College of Arts & Sciences Senior Honors Theses (College of Arts & Sciences)

This collection includes college honors projects completed by University of Louisville College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate students who were approved to graduate either summa cum laude or magna cum laude from December 2012 forward. It also includes retrospective honors theses from years prior, with permission of the authors.

College of Education & Human Development Capstone Projects (College of Education & Human Development)

This collection includes capstone projects from the College of Education & Human Development at the University of Louisville. For more information about our collections, please see: http://ir.library.louisville.edu/about.html.

Doctor of Nursing Practice Papers (School of Nursing)

The culmination of the practice doctorate is the successful completion of the DNP Project that demonstrates the synthesis of the student’s experiences. The DNP project will be reviewed and evaluated by a faculty chair and the doctoral academic affairs committee. The chair will be a member of the University of Louisville School of Nursing faculty with doctoral preparation and who has experience relevant to the student’s topic of interest. Successful completion of the DNP project demonstrates the synthesis of the student’s coursework and practice application and culminates in a final manuscript and public presentation.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

This collection includes theses and dissertations from the University of Louisville. It is not exhaustive since most paper theses and dissertations have not been digitized. Generally, paper copies of theses and dissertations published prior to 2014 can be accessed in the University of Louisville Libraries. If you would like to add your thesis or dissertation to this collection, please see: http://ir.library.louisville.edu/faq.html.

Faculty Scholarship

This collection includes faculty and staff scholarship from the University of Louisville. For more information about what types of scholarship may be included, please see our Collection Policy.

Journal of Refugee & Global Health

Why a new Journal? Journal of Refugee & Global Health

The 21st century continues to see increasing interest in the health of the world’s population, spurred by the impact of societal changes and political influences on health conditions affecting all populations. One major example of societal and political influences on global health: the millions of refugees seeking resettlement in the U.S. and other countries each year.

The plight of refugee populations demonstrates the challenges and opportunities that exist when there is a confluence of cultures and health needs, illustrating that addressing health has expanded beyond the sole arena of healthcare. Addressing health on a global platform requires embracing a holistic approach, creating a robust environment of learning supported and driven by involvement from the full array of professions and disciplines. This environment must promote rapid exchange of ideas, approaches, research, education, and outcomes on a platform of interprofessional collaboration.

At present, impediments to such rapid exchange include the lack of a sufficient number of journals that can both accept relevant publications and promote work being done to educate and share real world interventions. The goal of the Journal of Refugee and Global Health is to promote and disseminate all levels of quality research and work that is occurring to address the needs of refugee and global health.

Our goal is to ensure that there is an opportunity to publish and to access high quality, peer-reviewed work without a charge. This journal does not charge APCs or submission charges. Researchers and educators must have an ability to share new knowledge without having to pay to publish. Readers must be able to access all of the information without having to pay. The result is an environment that actively seeks new knowledge with an ability to make it rapidly and universally available: global health knowledge, freely available to the global community.

Journal of Student Financial Aid

The Journal of Student Financial Aid (JSFA) is a scholarly, peer-reviewed outlet featuring works of significance in all areas pertaining to the finance of higher education, especially student financial aid. Our mission is to bring scholarly work to bear on the practice and theory of providing financial assistance to students pursuing postsecondary education. We invite the submission of manuscripts that report original research findings; editorial opinions on policy issues; book reviews; and research in progress on promising practices or policies. We encourage submissions from diverse methodological and conceptual perspectives with implications for the practice of financial aid administration. Although the focus of the Journal has historically been on financial aid in the United States, we welcome the submission of comparative and international work.

History of the Journal

Thanks to the strong leadership of Dr. Robert Huff in the early years of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) in the late 1960s, the publication of the NASFAA Journal of Student Financial Aid was approved. His convincing rationale was one based on what most, well-respected organizations would agree to be essential to any group hoping to be seen as "professional" (i.e., the need for good, timely research as the basis for forming and refining effective policies). The first issue of the Journal was published in 1971.

In 2018, NASFAA decided that the mission of the Journal had become distinct from its own mission and goals and looked to move the Journal to a more academic setting. The Center for Economic Education at the University of Louisville became the official home of the Journal in 2019.

Journal of Wellness

Welcome to the Journal of Wellness, an open access, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the scholarly pursuit of wellness for all healthcare professionals. JWellness will publish research and editorials to enhance resilience, physical strength, nutritional completeness, disease prevention, and mental health. The Journal of Wellness is indexed with Google Scholar published through the University of Louisville's Institutional Repository powered by bepress. Currently, JWellness is pursuing indexing in the Directory of Open Access Journals, and we will apply for indexing in PubMed after 50 publications.

There are no article processing or publication charges of any kind. Also, all articles published with the Journal of Wellness are freely available.


The University of Louisville Journal of Respiratory Infections

The University of Louisville Journal of Respiratory Infections is a peer-reviewed open access medical journal that focuses on the wide range of medical disciplines related to respiratory infections. The journal is owned and operated by the University of Louisville and subsidized by the University of Louisville and the Robley Rex VA Medical Center Clinical Research Foundation.This journal does not charge APCs or submission charges. We strongly believe that investigators submitting significant research should not be required to pay for article processing fees.

The journal uses bepress for online manuscript submission and publishes online issues three times per year. Articles are accepted following a double-blind peer review by at least two reviewers and approval by the editor-in-chief. Article reviewers are selected from members of the editorial board, section editors or invited reviewers.

Please see the Aims and Scope for a complete description of the journal and the types of articles we accept for submission.

Editorial Office:
University of Louisville Journal of Respiratory Infections
501 E Broadway Suite 120
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (502) 852-1770
Email: uofljri@louisville.edu

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